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London student delegation visit AQU to learn Arabic

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Jerusalem | Al-Quds University (AQU) received a delegation of 17 college students from “Ebrahim” College in London, within the international exchanges between the university and universities of other countries. The aim of the visit is to learn the Arabic language at the university’s Center for Jerusalem Studies.

The university president, Professor Imad Abu Kishek, welcomed the student delegation. He provided them with a brief overview about its inception, faculties, and centers, pointing out that the center was specifically established by the university in Jerusalem to serve its Arab residents as a part of its mission of social responsibility.

Prof. Abu Kishek noted that the university always works to bridge the gap between the needs of the labor market and academic education through its programs that combine education with field practice and also through its business incubator.

Further, the university president stressed the importance of student exchanges that enhance international cooperation among universities and broaden students’ knowledge and cultures.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Motasem Hamdan, praised the university’s endeavors in the area of international exchanges, mentioned that there are nearly 300 outgoing and incoming students annually.  

The Director of the Center for Jerusalem Studies, Dr. Youssef Al-Natsheh, elaborated on the mission of center, talking about its inception and responsibilities and the services it provides to the Arab community of Jerusalem.

The delegation of the London students expressed their enthusiasm to visit AQU and learn Arabic within a plan to dispatch “1.000 students for this purpose over the next 5 years”.

Al-Quds University has a wide range of international relations with many prestigious universities and research institutions around the globe, which it employs for the purposes of developing its academic and research programs, and providing study and research exchange opportunities that benefit hundreds of students, academics, and researchers annually.

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