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Speakers at AQU TEDx share their unique inspirational experiences

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Al-Quds University (AQU) independently organized its annual on campus TEDx conference on Monday, September 26th, under the theme “PLOT TWIST”. The fourth TEDx Al-Quds Conference featured inspiring talks by eight participants from different professional sectors, and it was sponsored by Al-Quds Endowment and Fund.

In his opening speech, the president of the university, Prof. Imad Abu Kishek expressed his appreciation of the students in charge of organizing the event, stressing the importance of the TEDx platform in promoting scientific research and creative ideas for the benefit of the students and the entire society.

Abu Kishek pointed out that the TED platform provides the participants the opportunity to imagine and bring new pioneering ideas despite all the challenges. Such experiences would, according to the university president, leave positive impacts on the audience and the whole community.  He further expressed his hope that the platform’s experience will be transferred to schools as well.

Saliba Zeidan, one of the participants, pointed out that the event sheds light on the turning points in “our lives that change them for the better”. He thanked AQU for supporting such students’ activities.

Vera Baboon, former mayor of Bethlehem Municipality and a researcher in gender issues, spoke about how a woman can be successful and become a leader despite all the challenges.

Mahmoud Al-Mohtaseb, a sports coach, presented insights on how to get rid of obesity by reflecting on his personal experience.

Khaled Al-Masou, an actor and a paly director, talked about his childhood dream of founding a theater, which he was able to achieve when he was young and has become well known inside Palestine and elsewhere in the region.

Muhammad Zuhairi, a school student, shed light on his great passion for the environment, founding an environmental club in his school, and representing Palestinian youth in international conferences.

Nida’ Awawda, a computer engineer and web programmer, spoke about the challenges she faced as a result of polio infection, despite of which she was able to create her own business and establish a pioneering company which aims to serve one million people in the health sector in the future.

Mona Abu Rmeishan, an actress and comedian, talked about her work as a comedian who offers courses to people of different ages with the aim of helping them to overcome fear and anxiety in all their forms.

Samer Sharif, a co-founder of a company that introduced the concept of roaming to the agenda of other active institutions and groups, presenting his own experience and how he encourages youth to conduct cooperative works

Saleh Al Yamani, an economic advisor and founder of Steps Institute for International Success, narrated how he trained young people to make use of crises and difficult circumstances in changing their professional and financial conditions.

Through holding TEDx talks, Al-Quds University aspires to become a hub for exchanging and developing meaningful ideas that meet the daunting challenges besetting the Palestinian society. Thus, the university has been investing valuable resources in the creation and promotion of this kind of culture, where talent aligns with nuanced research to benefit the Palestinian society and the entire humanity.

Furthermore, the university sees tremendous value in the TED talks at its campus for their ability to encourage the free flow and exchange of ideas that can be developed into real projects. As such, Al-Quds University shall remain committed to extending every possible support to its community of students, faculty, and researchers.

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