Medical Clinic at Al-Quds University

The Medical Clinic is located on Abu Dies Main Campus, at the center of Al-Quds University AQU- Health Complex Building, and is staffed by registered nurses.

About Medical Clinic

The Medical Clinic is located on Abu Dies Main Campus, at the center of Al-Quds University AQU- Health Complex Building, and is staffed by a medical team. The clinic is open Saturday through Wednesday from 8 am – 4 pm with walk-ins welcome. The doctor is available daily from 9 am – 4 pm. Clinic appointments are confidential and free of charge. To speak to a doctor or set up an appointment, contact the Medical Clinic at 0595-318-345. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 0595-318-345.
If you have an urgent concern some same day appointments are available. Please call 0595-318-345, and speak with our scheduling staff about your need and appointment availability.
For emergency problems after normal business hours, call 0595-318-345.


The medical clinic at AQU was established in 2013 out of the university’s need for a medical entity to supervise the general health of students, staff, visitors, and those in the university campus.

Medical Clinic Mission

  The medical clinic performs several tasks, the most important of which are:

  1. Providing emergency care service for students inside the university campus.
  2. Transferring patients to hospital or private centers in the event of a need for transfer, and providing emergency care until ambulance arrives.
  3. Diagnosis of diseases and follow-up of chronic cases.
  4. Providing essential medicines (pain relievers, stomachache medicines, intravenous solutions, intramuscular injections).
  5. Follow-up of patients during the prescribed treatment course, whether from the clinic doctor or from a private doctor outside the university.
  6. Conducting basic laboratory tests in coordination with the laboratories of the College of Health Professions at AQU.
  7. Coordination with the Palestinian Red Crescent committees (PCRS) present at AQU on a regular basis to provide services to patients.
  8. Coordination with the Student Empowerment Unit at AQU to provide psychological care and counseling for university students.

Medical Clinic Objectives

The objectives of the medical clinic are as follows:

  – Direct supervision of the health of students, employees and university visitors.

 – Providing emergency medical services to any person visiting Al-Quds University.

Medical Clinic Employees

There is a general practitioner and a qualified nurse in the medical clinic.

Services Provided

Blood Pressure Checks

Education Resources

First Aid

Health Education

Special Needs Assistance

Mental Health Support

Stress Management

Over-the-Counter Medications

Program Required Physical Exams

Wound Care

Student Insurance Information

The Higher Medical Committee:

The medical clinic represented by the clinic doctor is an important part of the Higher Medical Committee at AQU university to participate in making decisions regarding long-term vacations and health insurance files for students and employees.

  1. Work injuries – for employees: In addition to providing health care to employees during official working hours, the clinic is responsible for following up on cases resulting from work injuries for employees, whether administrative or service employees at the university.
  2. Students’ injuries resulting from participating in sports or laboratory activities in the College of Sports and the College of Health Professions. This includes injuries in the university’s sports stadium outside the university walls, and inside all medical and science laboratories inside the university.
  3. Communicate with any external institutions regarding the provision of medical support and services during the free medical days held within the university.
  4. Participate in making decisions regarding health insurance for students and employees by reviewing and certifying external medical reports and issuing the necessary medical reports on cases with statements of laboratory tests and pharmaceutical drugs.

Medical Records:

Students and employees have electronic medical records, so that the medical information is linked to the employee’s ID number and the student registration number.

The medical record contains:

  1. Chronic diseases suffered by students/employees previously.
  2. Internal medical and surgical record for any student or employee.
  3. Medicine received by patients on a regular basis.
  4. Any type of allergy to medicine and/or food.
  5. Any previous emergency events encountered by students/employees during the study or employment period.
  6. Clinical medical examinations for new students and any necessary clinical examinations during the study period.

This information is used for follow-up in chronic cases and to facilitate dealing with students/employees in emergency cases. Medical records are kept confidential for the use of the clinic doctor and nurse only

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