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A memorandum of understanding and cooperation between Al-Quds University and the University of MOHAMAD V

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A memorandum of understanding and cooperation was signed between the faculty of law at  Al-Quds University ,represented by the vice president of communication and development Professor Hasan Dwaik ,  and the faculty of legal  , social and Economic science  at MOHAMAD V University in  Al- Rabat represented by the vice president professor Mohammed Ghoashi, in presence of the representative of the Moroccan foreign Ministry , and the office delegate of  university  president.

The purpose of the memorandum of understanding is to initiate joint program doctoral between the two universities in different law fields, it also will explore the potential cooperation, which involved: students Exchange, staff teaching.  And searching for means of cooperation in the field of joint scientific research which is relevant to the mentioned field,  besides the research in the teaching methods and the techniques of its development. The two parties exchanged also the administrative and academic techniques applied in the two universities. Particularly  concerning student training.

The University of MOHAMAD V hosted an academic delegation from Al-Quds university, chaired by the vice president of communication and development Professor Hasan Dwaik ,  the Dean of faculty of medicine Dr. Hani Abdeen , and the Dean of faculty of law Dr. Musa Dwaik . The delegation   convened several   meetings with the Deans of  Faculties  of Medicine , Pharmacy , dentistry , law in this university( MOHAMAD V) in the presence of the  vice president Professor Mohammed Ghoashi . This visit is considered as an implementation of the academic cooperation agreement that was signed by the two ministers of high education in the two countries.

The delegation started his visit by meeting the Ambassador of Palestine in Morocco Dr. Zuhair Shine , who had  been briefed with the details of meetings that the delegation will convene with the University of  MOHAMAD V .

The visit of the delegation of the university coincided with the convening of the final sessions, organized by the faculty of law in the University of MOHAMAD V, for the National competition/ contest which was held for the first time in the history of the Moroccan Universities, about the international humanitarian Law.

The delegation was an honor guest at this final ceremony, with a distinguish presence. The generous hospitality and appreciation for the delegation of the University was manifested by the invitation of the vice president of communication and development Dr. Hasan Dwiek to address the attendees on behalf of Al-Quds university, which have an effective impression on all the presences. This ceremony was closed with distributing shields (reward of merit), the representative of the Moroccan foreign Ministry Dr. Jamila AL-Masali was honored with the shield of Al-Quds university.

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