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A group of Kuwaitis Artists, Writers, Poets, and Educators visit Al- Quds University

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The president of Al-Quds university professor Imad Abu Kishek, received a group of artists, poets and researchers who came to visit the university from Kuwait, the aim of their visit is to explore what the university offers in terms of academic programs and research and observe the developments and achievements over the years since its establishment…

The delegation included: the Kuwaiti artist Mohamed Mansour, the researcher, Khaled Abdel – Ghani, the poet Ibrahim Al-Khalidi, the head of Kuwaiti graduates association, Abdul Aziz-Mullah, the critic Fahd Al-Handal and the Poet Nachmi Muhanna .

Professor Abu Kishek welcomed their visit and emphasized   its importance to Palestine and Jerusalem in particular. He presented a preface included  an introduction about the creation  of the university and the programs it offers, these programs  which are distinguished by  high quality and  good reputation in Palestine and the Middle East.

He went on saying that, the university will never forget the role that state of Kuwait played, as a significant supporter to Al-Quds University through years, especially the important role in the foundation of this university in 1966 when they created the college of science and technology.

From their side, the Kuwaiti delegation expressed their admiration of what they saw in the university, which is considered a great monument that graduates more than two thousands   of distinguished students every year, and represents steadfastness in the heart of Jerusalem. All the thanks and credits must go to those Kuwaitis who have had a mark in its establishment, they added.  

During their visit, the Kuwaiti delegation joined the president of the university Abu kishek in the opening and cutting the ribbon of the annual exhibition of the students work at the Department of fine arts.

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