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The First Exhibition on Construction Industry is Hosted by Al -Quds University

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The first exhibition of construction industry opened its doors in the main campus at Al-Quds University; the cutting of the ribbon for the opening was attended by the Minister of National Economy Dr. Abeer Odeh, Minister of Jerusalem Affaires. Engineer Adnan Al-Husseini, president of Al-Quds University, Professor Imad Abu Kishek. And representatives of a number of construction companies in Palestine.  

The exhibition was sponsored by the Palestinian Concrete Society, and jointly organized by the department of materials engineering at the Najjad Zeenie Faculty of Engineering at Al-Quds University and the Palestinian Concrete Society.

President Professor Abu Kishek drew attention to the importance of this exhibition, which represents the complementary relationship between Al- Quds University and the public and private sectors. This kind  of integration  contributes and assist  in promoting the economic development in Palestine, and in making a  change in  the Palestinian market  to become one  based on real investment in the  qualified human resources in different discipline, especially when we know that  the university  seeks constantly to integrate the theoretical content of courses  with the practical one  as an objective that the university tries to reach. in order to graduate  students capable to compete for jobs  in the tight Palestinian  labor market.  

 Minister Dr. Abeer odeh pointed  out  the importance of this exhibition, to be considered as  a highlight  in   creating   awareness to the  development that is observed   in  the national industries in general and in the concrete industries particularly , moreover , she added that this event is also a good opportunity to the companies of construction  to introduce their  products and  shed some light on innovations and achievements realized in this sector.

Dr. Odeh stated: “to be able to promote the industrial sector, this requires creating an effective partnership with the academic institutions particularly universities; because these institutions deal with human resources, scientific research and host advanced scientific laboratories”

Engineer Al-Husseini underscored the importance of creating considerable efforts towards the vocational education and training in the secondary education stage, and encouraged the local universities to participate effectively in this applied education through its various academic programs.

 The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Qintar stated: “We put all our efforts to graduate qualified students who can engage in diverse aspects of engineering, and we are always keen to follow up with local institutions and companies in order to get feedback and keep up with all the developments which arise in the two sectors: the engineering and the industrial one “.

From his side, Engineer Mohmoud Abdallah, the president of the Palestinian Concrete Society, said that this exhibition is considered as an example of success of cooperation with Al-Quds University towards achieving common goals. He expressed his desire to continue in the same approach with other Palestinians universities in order to develop concrete industries that will have a great role in the development of the national economy.

 Engineer Hussein Yassin, the executive vice president of commercial affairs at   SANAD Company gave an introduction about   the activities of the company including its establishment, its goals, achievements and ambitions in the development of concrete industry in Palestine.

This exhibition lasted for 2 days. It aimed to introduce the product of the participated Palestinian companies to the specialists and citizens. The Exhibition included also a workshop that discussed the problems and the difficulties facing this sector, and possibilities to find technical and administrative solutions to such problems with the participation of decision and policy makers in the Palestinian Authority. Other workshops looked into the innovation in the technologies and science of this industrial sector in the Palestinian case.

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