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AL-Quds Academy for Scientific Research & Quality Education Hold a workshop in Jordan

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Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research and Quality Education launched the first workshop, which took place at the Movinpick hotel in Dead Sea in Jordan. Deans of scientific research and researchers from Jordanian universities, Palestinian universities and the American University in Beirut participated in this workshop.  

Professor  khalif Al-Tarawneh, chairman  of the Academy Board and former president of the university of Jordan ,Professor Imad Abu Kishek , president of Al-Quds University and  vice chairman  of the Board of directors; Professor Azmi Mahafza, Current president of  the university of Jordan  and His Excellency Mr. Munib R. Masri  on behalf of the institute of Rashid Masri for development , Mr. Omar Munib Masri ; Dr. Badie Sartawi and Dr. Zoubi Zoubi, the executive director of the academy, participated in this workshop.

The workshop succeeded in assembling outstanding researchers from:  Jordan, Palestine ,and the American University in Beirut,   on the same table, to discuss prospects and ideas relevant to means of development of common applied scientific research between these Universities which aims to achieve development and seek to open new scientific prospects  which  return with  benefits and profit to the Arab countries in general , and at the same time to create  a cooperation with universities and  distinguished international scientific laboratories .

Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research and Quality Education   is a nonprofit partnership between the University of Jordan, Al-Quds University and Munib R. Masri institute for development. The Academy seeks: to develop applied scientific research between Universities and ameliorate the quality of education  and its outcomes,  besides the  creation of  networks among  Jordanian , Palestinian and Lebanese Researchers, as well as  to look for extending the  horizon of  scientific cooperation in future  between researchers in the Arab world and  the American Universities.   

There was a common consent on the priority of applied scientific research. During the next weeks specialist groups of researchers will be formed from participating universities according to the fields of interest of every university. At the same time, it will prepare a call to fund the research projects.   

Researchers also agreed to adopt a mechanism concerning researchers, a model that Al-Quds University had already proposed and adapted by the Academy which makes it easier to network between researchers.   

Researchers stressed the importance to work hard in order to insure the success of this idea, which is a joint   Palestinian – Jordanian one aiming at Excellency, and manifest in its parts the name of Jerusalem, this name which connects all Arabs. And will also progressively invite all Arab universities in future to take part in this joint effort.

The researchers saw of this proposition as a real nucleus to bring back to conscience the Arabic and Islamic spirit in scientific research which was created and founded by Arab scientists in the earlier times.

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