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Al-Quds University has Launched Pioneering Academic Programs in the Middle East

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Over the past few years, Al-Quds University has seen significant and extensive advancement not only in the scientific and academic domains but also in the development of new facilities and buildings. This development goes along with the strategy of the university to ensure that the advancement of this scientific movement settles in the heart of Jerusalem.

 Since its beginning, the university has put forward a strategy to ensure that students have access to courses that both align with expectations of current job markets and cover new, emerging aspects of scientific framework in international development.

The university has introduced a new program of Architecture among its faculties, established with criteria that extend beyond the local dimension and into a more global one, ensuring its continuing demand from those wishing to study structural evolution. This program will go on to graduate outstanding architects who are equipped with the knowledge to not only work with proficiency in the global market, but also able to meet the unique architectural design needs amidst political, social, and economic challenges facing Palestine today.

In the same context, the university has proposed the German program of Duel Studies, which is supported by the German government, and offers a BEng. Degree in Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and International Business. This program is unique in its type in the Middle East, because it focus on binding the theoretical aspect to the experimental one, by engaging the student with a company in the private sector right from the beginning of his/her studies.

Developing individuals is the principal goal  that the university tries to achieve, through proposing opportunities for its student to obtain a high degree and diploma in different disciplines,  it added to its programs  new ones ( this year) such as : Master degree  in criminal law, Master degree in intellectual property , Master degree in management innovation , Master degree of criminology which was proposed by the faculty of law and the Master  degree of Renewable Energy and its uses in the Faculty  of Engineering.

As a consequence of our perception of our situation, the University managed to open classes for graduate students in many regions: Dora in the Hebron area, Zababdeh, in Jenin area, Ramallah, and Gaza, in order to outreach to students whenever they are and to overcome the difficulties they face in arriving to the main campus.

 Al-Quds university is the sole and a unique Arab university that exist in the heart of Jerusalem, which comprise of approximately 13 thousand students who study in a distinguished and ideal university environment, characterized by its beauty and in creating a good and distinguished environment, particularly in the buildings and facilities also in term of the beauty of the, Walkways and plazas, we also do our best to ensure tranquility and the feeling of security in all facilities.  Besides the beauty liberty and freedom that can realized and the human relations which is based on fraternity, Fellowship and Friendship, that guarantee an excellent atmosphere for creativity, and excellence.

Far away from the methodological framework, the University is considered also as a good and favorable for talents and creators, where the university works to discover these talents, refine and strengthen it through many extracurricular activities.

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