Vacancy Announcement: Curricula and Teaching Methodologies Development Consultant

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Curricula and Teaching Methodologies Development Consultant


Al-Quds University has received a grant from the Quality Improvement Fund (QIF) – Education to Work Transition Project/Additional Financing – Ministry of Education and Higher Education and funded by the World Bank for the project entitled: (Competency-based education and training of students in the IT Diploma program (ITDP)). Accordingly, Al-Quds University seeks a short-term Local Consultant to develop the IT diploma curricula for Al-Quds Technical College/ Al-Quds University.

Assignment Objective

Al-Quds University is considering the selection of a highly qualified Curriculum and Teaching Methodologies Development Consultant to develop the IT Diploma Program that includes (Web programming, Computer Network, and Mobile computing programs). This tasks falls within the project objective and delivering market (LM)- driven up to date curricula, using the standardized process for IT diploma program, taking into consideration the Needs Assessment Report. In the meanwhile, it increases the dissemination and adoption of Complex Task Approach (CTA).

Main tasks and responsibilities:

  • Conduct a comprehensive training for QU academic development team about the standardized process of curricula development/ Complex Task Approach (CTA).
  • Conduct in-depth training and coaching program on “ curricula implementation” to all staff members who will deliver the curricula to students
  • Develop curricula:
  1. Conduct a Verification workshop of the experts’ workers workshop (EWW) that was conducted by the needs assessment consultant.
  2. Deliver final version of all LM driven updated curricula.  
  3. Modify the developed courses after being tested based on students’ and staff feedback.
  • Suggest technical development training for technical trainers based on the updated curricula.



  1. 30 contact hours of training on Complex Task Approach (CTA), for a minimum 10 academic staff members, with a submission of the following documents:
  1. Training Manual
  2. Evaluation report
  1. 20 contact hours of training on Curricula implementation, for a minimum 10 academic staff members, with a submission of the following documents:
  1. Training Manual
  2. Evaluation report
  1. Curricula development that includes:
  1. Developed study plan for the 3 programs.
  2. Curricula modules divided over the four semesters.
  3. Learning situation for each module
  4. Final version of the LM driven developed curricula.
  1. Updated curricula after implementation:
    1. Assessment criteria to measure the program intended outcomes and the levels of the students.
    2. Results of the assessment process.
    3. Full version of the revised curricula after the assessment process.Proposal for one technical training (TOT).
  1. Detailed Report for the whole consultation period.

Qualifications& Skills:

  • Master degree in Computer engineering, Computer Science, IT, or any other related field.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in TVET institutions with at least conducting one similar assignment.
  • 3 years of work experience in the teaching field.
  • High level of integrity as demonstrated personally and professionally.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and detail oriented approach to documentation.

Place of work: The Consultant will follow up with the Project team in Al-Quds University, Abu Deis Campus.

Time Frame: the expected level of effort is about 40 working days within the period from (January 2020) till (June 2021), after finishing the development of the curricula, the contract of the consultant will continue for 15 months to manage and reflect any feedback from academic department after applying the curriculum. 

Contract Type:  lump sum contract.

Additional information Interested applicants should submit a cover letter that shows the expression of interest & curriculum vitae to no longer than 7/12/2019

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