Deanship of Student Affairs

The Deanship of Student Affairs at Al-Quds University include the following units:

Dr. Mazen Alkhatib

Dean of Deanship of Student Affairs

Dean Message

Dear students of Al-Quds University (AQU),

In support of the vision and the mission of AQU, the Deanship of Student Affairs advocates for student needs through a range of programs that aim to help cultivate and promote the success and wellness of every student at AQU; thus, helping them to make the most of their time at AQU.

The Deanship of Student Affairs at AQU is committed to serving our community. Therefore, we give students the opportunity to earn more than just merely a degree. First, we support students in need through our Financial Aid Unit in order to support their rights for accessible education. Second, the Deanship of Student Affairs is the cornerstone and the main communication channel between the University Management, Faculties, and Students. Third, the Deanship of Student Affairs is committed to helping students discover their talents, personal skills, and potentials. So, we engage students in extracurricular activities, community service, and social engagements that enrich the student experience and promote personal growth as well as academic interest. Through our departments and offices at the Deanship of Student Affairs, we formulate plans, initiate programs, and organize activities that combine outstanding academic achievement and creativity, skills necessary for success in life. Our activities include local, regional, and international competitions, artistic, cultural, and social activities, as well as sports.

Our website is designed to offer a preview of the many services and programs you can access through the deanship. We encourage you to visit our offices at AQU where our staff our committed to help, support, and guide you in any way we can.

About the Deanship

The Deanship of Student Affairs at AQU encourages and supports students’ success by providing a variety of opportunities and support services, programs, and activities to enrich and enhance the students’ experience both personal and academic. The Deanship of Student Affairs focuses on the extracurricular students’ activities, where students can be creative in all aspects. At the Deanship of Student Affairs, we believe in diversity, democracy, respect, justice, creativity, and innovation.

The Deanship of Student Affairs is supervised by the Dean of Student Affairs. The mission of the Deanship of Student Affairs is to enrich the experience of every student at Al-Quds University through a wide range of educational, cultural, athletic, and social programs, as well as creating opportunities to build students’ personalities, creativity, and skills in a safe, democratic, and free environment.

At the Deanship of Student Affairs, we maintain a cordial relationship with the students. Many of our programs and services help students develop a connection to AQU, supporting both their academic and personal success. The staff at the Deanship of Student Affairs advises student groups on a variety of issues including goal setting and event planning, represents students’ interest before management and appropriate statutory bodies of the University, and provides guidance and guidelines on students’ conduct.


The Deanship of Student Affairs is responsible for:

– Providing support for students in AQU, following up on their issues, and helping in solving their problems.

– Supervising, supporting, and directing all non-academic student activities.

– Supervising student council elections and different clubs.

– Providing financial assistance for students based on their academic performance and financial needs.

– Providing counseling to university students to help them solve their social and psychological problems in their daily university life.

– Encouraging students in all fields to release their creativity and develop their hobbies.

Student's Activities

AQU holds its 6th annual on-campus Hult Prize Competition under the theme “Fashion Design”

European Student delegation visits AQU within the student exchange program

AQU hosts European and Turkish student delegation within Erasmus Plus

Professor of Medicine at University of Florence visits AQU within “ERASMUS+”

Al-Quds University Celebrates the Graduation of 10th BA and 12th MAT Cohorts for the Academic Year 2022

Speakers at AQU TEDx share their unique inspirational experiences

London student delegation visit AQU to learn Arabic

Al-Quds University Celebrates 41st Graduation Ceremony

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