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AQU holds its 6th annual on-campus Hult Prize Competition under the theme “Fashion Design”

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Al-Quds University (AQU) concluded the activities of its 6th on-campus annual Hult Prize competition with the participation of 15 teams under the theme “Fashion Design”.

 The competition featured presentations by 15 student teams on entrepreneurial business ideas that focused mainly on applying technology in redesigning clothes to suit new trends.   

The Palistina team, which consisted of Maysan Yaqoub, Hamza Hassan, Aseel Abu Nassar, won first place and qualified to compete in the semi-finals of the next global competition. Their idea, entitled “Buy less, wear more”, uses technology to redesign clothes in a way commonly known in the market as “trendy clothes”, by analyzing the customer’s data and proposing several ideas that satisfy the tastes.

The Spintra team, “Muhammad Etmaizi, Muayad Fattouh, and Bilal Zawahra, came in second place for their idea of recycling clothes and making them using a 3D printer.

Prof. Imad Abu Kishek, expressed his appreciation of the student teams for their creative ideas, reiterating that the university always supports the pioneering initiatives by creating a research environment that encourages creative thinking and fosters the skills of the students to better meets the needs of the market.

The coordinator of the competition, Omar Hoshia, thanked Al-Quds University for organizing such creative activities through its business incubators that provide all the necessary training to qualify the students, as well as the referees who participate in Hult Prize competitions.

Since its inception by Palestinian businessman Ahmed Al-Ashqar in 2009, who was a student at Hult International Business School, USA, the Hult Prize has been a benchmark program for social entrepreneurs. Each year, the Hult Prize team issues a big bold challenge aligned with a large market opportunity, inspiring students, whether in undergraduate or graduate programs, to solve its greatest problem.

Al-Quds University seeks, as part of its pioneering vision, to promote knowledge and intellectual exchanges by providing its students with opportunities to learn about world cultures and expertise. Aiming at contributing to creative initiatives and ambitious activities of global interest, the university continuously encourages its students to participate not only in local competitions and championships, but also in international ones.

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