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Al-Quds University holds 42nd graduation ceremony

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Over two days, on July 14– July 15, Al-Quds University (AQU) celebrated the graduation of the “42” class of its students in the undergraduate and graduate programs.

The ceremony was held on the main campus, with the participation of the Palestinian government, AQU President, Board of Trustees, Vice Presidents, academic staff, representatives of community institutions, graduate students and their families.

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mowais, and Minister of Law, Dr. Mohammad Shalaldeh, both represented the Palestinian government in the two-day ceremony.

Abu Mowais gave a speech in which he congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to continue to foster their professional skills. The Palestinian official also congratulated Al-Quds University for the multi achievements it has made at the different levels.

Dr. Shalaldeh for his part also congratulated the graduates, urging them to continue education to serve their people and exert more efforts to build knowledge and achieve progress. He expressed his appreciation for the achievements the university has mad in the various academic programs, including the Law program.

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Muneeb Al-Masri, praised Al-Quds University for its outstanding contributions to the society and its academic and research achievements, the latest of which was the rating of AQU as a 5-star university in the various indicators of the QS World University Ratings 2023.

Prof. Imad Abu Kishek, as a keynote speaker, expressed his pride of Al-Quds University for winning a 5-star rating in all indicators of the QS World University Ratings 2023. He also cited other achievements at the international level according to other QS World University Rankings for 2023 and the SCIMAGO global rankings for 2022.

Abu Kishek praised AQU students for their excellence at all levels, especially in scientific research, noting that 30% of the university’s published scientific research was of the students’ own efforts.  He attributed the AQU students’ achievements to the outstanding teamwork and integration of the university’s community, which empower the students and opens new horizons for them to benefit from the exchange programs, join training courses at international universities, and create entrepreneurial business projects.

Professor Imad Abu Kishek ended his address saying, “We are proud of the Health Complex at Al-Quds University with its distinguished faculties, as it is no longer subject to comparison with universities at the Palestinian, Arab and regional level, but rather globally by all standards”. He also expressed his appreciation of the contributions the faculties of humanities and social sciences have made in order to build an intellectual base that guides the society and fulfills national aspirations.

In his speech on behalf of the graduates, Yazan Jum’a, from the Faculty of Medicine, expressed his gratitude to the university’s administration and the academics who “spared no effort in supporting us throughout our years of study”, pledging to remain loyal to Al-Quds University and Jerusalem.

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