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Diving into the digital press world in NY City: AQB student Hind Abu El-Ghaib reflects on her semester abroad at Bard College

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AQB Digital Media and Communication student, Hindl Abu Al Ghaib, shares some glimpses of her spring semester at Bard College in NY City. She reflects, “I believe that traveling and studying in other countries can change your life. That’s why I decided to go abroad to study, and it really made a big difference for me, both personally and academically.

Deciding to study in another country was hard, but receiving help from Al-Quds Bard College’s staff and faculty made a big difference. They gave me tools and advice that made me see how I could progress well in a different culture. With their assistance and support, AQB made it possible and fun for me to study abroad.

At Bard College in NY City, I had to adjust to new ways of learning. It widened my view and let me understand hard ideas in new ways. Working with people from abroad made me think more and get better at talking with people from different cultures. The new school environment made me want to learn about new topics and research areas. Taking classes about art and criticism expanded my interests and made me more curious. Studying in another country allowed me to learn about global issues directly. Living alone in a new country made me face my fears and be strong. I learned to understand different cultures, adjust to new places, and communicate well with people from different backgrounds. These experiences made me more independent, adaptable, and aware of different cultures, which are important for growing as a person and being a good global citizen.

Also, my internship at Litmus Press Organization has empowered my study abroad trip. I learned a lot of useful skills and got to see how the literature and media worlds come together which is important for me as a digital media and communication student. I’m thankful for the help and guidance I got at Litmus Press. It gave me the power to turn what I’ve learned in school into real achievements.

In sum, studying abroad with the Bard NYC changed my life. It gave me important skills, knowledge, and a global view needed to succeed in our linked world. The strong support of AQB encouraged and empowered me to take this big chance. I am excited to use these lessons in my studies and future plans, welcoming diversity and the endless chances of a worldwide education.”

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