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From Al-Quds Bard to Chinatown in NY City

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AQB Digital Media and Communication student, Qusai Shweiki, expresses his thoughts about his current study abroad experience at Bard College in NY City. He writes, “[t]his journey has changed my academic and personal life. AQB’s focus on many subjects and global involvement motivated me to look for different experiences outside my university. As well as ABQ’s friendly community pushed me to explore new things and take chances to learn more.

My internship with the Welcome to Chinatown Organization was important during my visit. It’s Archival Project let me dive into Chinatown’s culture. I learned a lot about its past and traditions. I helped keep records of many shops and places, which will help save Chinatown’s culture for a long time.

This experience taught me a lot about how cities grow, how people work together, and how we keep traditions alive. By helping to save the history of Chinatown, I learned a lot about how history, culture, and city planning all tie together. Doing this work helped me understand life better and made me see how small groups can keep their traditions strong. It really added to what I learned in class and made me see how urban areas are complex and need local projects to save their culture.

My exchange program in New York and internship with Welcome to Chinatown have been transformative experiences that have not only broadened my academic horizons but enriched my personal growth. Through meaningful engagement with diverse communities and hands-on experiential learning, I’ve developed skills, perspectives, and connections that will continue to shape my future endeavors and contribute to my role as an individual committed to promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.”

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