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Al-Quds University Releases Fourth Edition of Palstudent Research Journal

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Al-Quds University proudly announces the release of the fourth edition of the Palstudent Research Journal, a special issue dedicated to the Fifth Conference on Undergraduate Student Research, held in May 2023. This edition showcases contributions not only from Al-Quds University but also from other esteemed Palestinian and Arab universities.

The latest edition of the Palstudent journal underwent a meticulous peer-review process, with evaluations conducted by expert researchers specializing in the conference’s covered fields. This rigorous review process was conducted under the guidance of the Deanship of Scientific Research. The fourth edition is set to be indexed on Google Scholar, thus enhancing the accessibility and visibility of this research through various databases.

Dr. Elham Kateeb, the Dean of Scientific Research, underscores the significant scientific credibility this achievement lends to the Student Conference on Undergraduate Research. The publication and indexing of the complete research collection from the conference mark a noteworthy milestone. Moreover, it presents an invaluable opportunity for students to disseminate their research findings and make their work accessible through diverse research platforms. Dr. Kateeb extends her heartfelt appreciation to the journal’s dedicated editors, who are all students and recent graduates. She also commends the remarkable contributions of not only our university’s students but also those from Palestinian and Arab institutions who find inspiration in this research platform.

It is worth highlighting that the undergraduate research conference organized by Al-Quds University is a pioneering initiative, being the first of its kind exclusively dedicated to student research. The research output generated by our students constitutes a substantial portion of the institution’s overall research endeavors, exemplifying our commitment to fostering academic excellence in our community.

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