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Health Professions students address crucial health issues by presenting outstanding graduation projects

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The Faculty of Health Professions held an exhibition for its students’ which featured scientific posters by 32 research teams that addressed a number of vital health topics in the field of midwifery, nursing, and medical imaging.

The exhibition was opened by Dr. Rania Abu Sir who praised the students for their outstanding works. Through teamwork, students applied a system of analysis and presentation, resulting in sophisticated and informative conclusions.

Dr. Abu Sir explained that the graduation projects were the outcome of the students’ hard work during their studies, stressing that the college stresses on the university’s vision of supporting its students and empowering them scientifically to enable and conduct excellent scientific research.

Head of the committee, Assistant Dean Dr. Hussein Al-Masry said that the evaluation of each work was based on the content and form of the posters, the way the students presented it, images and tables, demonstration of commitment to the specifications of the ethical committee, in addition to the students’ familiarity with the information they provided through the poster.

Zidan Al-Natsheh, who majors in Medical Imaging, stated that his team’s work of “calculating the radiation dose to the lumbar spine of the lower back of patients”, is the first project in Palestine according to the radiation dose.

In their project entitled “Violence against Midwives”, Ro’a Abdel Hakim and her team addressed violence against midwives, recommending the enactment of more legislations to reduce violence against midwives and health workers.

It is worth noting that the exhibition featured the presentation of a total of twenty-four graduation projects in nursing, three in midwifery, four in medical imaging, and one in laboratory issues. The graduation works of the participating students addressed topics relating to cancer, Covid-19, mental health, among other health issues.

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