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The president of the university cut the ribbon for a new laboratory of materials in the Faculty of Engineering

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During  a ceremony  organized by  the Faculty of Engineering to honor distinguished students, professor   Imad Abu Kishek, President of the University,  opened  the new laboratory of materials in the   Najjad  Zeanie,/,  Faculty of Engineering    in the presence  of the dean of the faculty Dr. Abdul Aziz Al- Qintar ,  faculty members  and students .

 The  president  professor  Abu kishek expressed his happiness to honor  distinguished students, admiring their efforts as well as the faculty’s efforts in pursuing all students’ issues, in order to graduate  highly  experienced students  in the scientific theoretical  and practical  dimensions . 

“From our side, we seek to relate the education output to the labor market needs  so as to promote  developing the economy of the society. Affirming that,  an effective interaction between the  market  and the university is  so important , and in order  to invest  in developing  the students  skills and experience, we must look for  a continuous  cooperation with companies and industry  to insure an active involvement  during their practical training. We believe that  we have students with  high competency and efficiency,  our investment is in  the  minds”. President of the university professor . Imad Abu kishek said.

The president presented his gratitude to   Mr Imad Saliba who was  behind  supporting and establishing the laboratory of materials engineering. This laboratory will have a strong contribution in enhancing  the  practical and experimental part at the faculty of materials engineering  Dr . Abu kishek stated    

The Dean of the faculty Dr. Abdul Aziz Al- Qintar, started his talk by presenting his congratulations to   distinguished students for their efforts in the faculty during the last years, asking them to make more efforts and perseverance.  Then he presented his thanks / gratitude to the university for the attention and consideration offered for the faculty and the students.   He stressed   the importance of this type of laboratory which is special in material engineering ,  including  Equipment and materials which will support  the practical aspect of  the theoretical subjects that the faculty proposed .

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