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He graduated a day after his father’s release, Wiam: one of the top students in Al-Quds University

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Wiam, a 23 years old graduate from Al-Quds University, and one of the top students of 2014-2015 in medicine school, said “My happiness is doubled today, because of my graduation and my father’s release from the Israeli prison.” 

Among students, parents and the screams of the graduation happiness in Al-Quds University which was filled with gifts and balloons, Wiam sat in a corner far from this amazing crowd, overly excited, and expressed how much he can’t believe the announcement of his father’s release a day before his graduation. Wiam was telling the story on the day when his mom came to his room and opened the door to tell him about his father’s release, she was very excited and just can’t believe this amazing news, Wiam convinced his mom to believe it and said “There is light at the end of every tunnel”, he replied. “God sent this graduation as a gift for you and I will be a great doctor one day”.

Wiam took a deep breath, with so much hope in his eyes he said: “I finished those tough 6 years with hard work, today I graduate.” Wiam will never forget the cooperation that he found at Al-Quds University when he was accepted and his colleagues with the encouragement and support from the professors, “I respects them a lot for their efforts” Wiam said.

Wiam continues, “Since I was young I excelled in all my academic years, it all goes back to Allah and the support of my parents; they were beside me all the time”. Wiam’s parents encouraged him to attend Al-Quds University for its great reputation and the high ranking it has in Palestine and abroad.

While looking at the graduates he added, “I can move on with my education from here, as my ambition is to specialize in Pediatric Surgery in Germany, because children around the world and specially the Palestinians are deprived of their rights, and one of the most fundamental rights is having the health care. So as a human and a doctor I have to work with my own humanity to help people specially children because they are the weakest. My journey will begin from here”.

It’s worth mentioning that Al-Quds University is one of the first universities in Palestine with variants of medical majors. Every year hundreds of students graduates with different certificates in medicine and they are all over the world, with excellent degrees and experiences.

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