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“Beebe Health”, success story for 3 CS and IT senior students at Al-Quds University

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“When you enter the emergency room (ER) in any Palestinian hospital, the patient suffers delay in receiving therapeutic services. This is due the fact that the Palestinian medical system depends on manual paperwork and handing of the patients’ information and follow-up of their health” this is how Momen Salameh, Majed Kanan, and Ahmad Shawareb, the graduate students from Al-Quds University  expressed the aim of their graduation seminar project.

Momen, Majed, and Ahmad, from the College of Science and Technology at Al-Quds University, Department of Computer Science and Information Technology presented their graduation project on May 19th, 2015 at the Arab Poetry Theater on the Main campus of Al-Quds University, which was called “Beebe Health”.

“Beebe Health” aimed to build a computerized system based on a database containing prior information about the patient, and will work to minimize the procedures of some routine tests that take time and may adversely affect the health of the patient. This system will be linked with a series of hospital departments, and ambulances will also be connected in order to get some information on the condition of the patient, so the hospital can prepare for their arrival.

Prof. Imad Abu Kishik, the University president, appreciated their project which will develop the professional work in hospitals in Palestine, and Dr. Abu Kishik said that Al-Quds University will give the graduates full support to achieve their investment.

In an interview with the university website, Momen described that “Beebe Health” will solve many problems because it will work to provide information to the ambulance in order to deal with the patient such as certain types of medication or blood group…etc. So this system will shorten the time of the patient reception process immediately after arriving to the hospital.

Momen added that “ Beebe Health will be associated with the radiology department, so the system can send images that the patient may need electronically to the appropriate department. The system will also be provided with any new data about the patient’s health so all the departments in the hospital can use it in any emergency situation, moreover the system uses a barcode system to get the data for each patient".

Graduated Majed Kanan, from Bethlehem City added that “our project is divided into several interfaces, all of which aim to improve the level of emergency treatment, the ones that need to attend the ambulance. Beginning with the first interface; is to publish it online and install it on a Smartphone. So you can send SOS requests easily to the ambulance through this interface. The second interface is at hospitals or ambulance operations room, when it receives requests and then directs ambulances to the SOS location. The third interface, at ambulances to receive SOS from the operating room. And the fourth interface, at hospitals includes the receiving of patients and treating him”.

Ahmad Shawareb, a graduated from Tulkarem, North of the West Bank , expressed his pride of himself and his friends who were able to add a great experience to their lives through studying at Al-Quds University, Ahmad said that “ we made a small survey, and as a result of this survey we built the system; all the people we met admired the idea and explained how much the Palestinian’s hospitals need such applications that will be beneficial in several ways, e.g.  downsizing expenses of ‘ink, paper, stationery, maintenance etc, they also liked the idea of analysing the information to be able to use them in the future, how it links various sections of the hospital together, saving areas used for archiving documents, and shortens the time for the patient reception process.

The graduates were so happy when they concluded their presentation saying that “We will benefit through finding a radical solution, to improve the health situation in the future, and so with this achievement we will begin the new era of our lives in the working life.”

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