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Students of Computer Science Department at AQU present the graduation projects

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“Our project is a website on the internet called “Broker” as a guide for those who search for renting, selling or buying residential properties. We believe that this project is important to our country because it obviates material costs and reduces our needs to navigate to find at what we are looking for”.

This is how the student Fatima Halabiye spoke of her graduation project which she conducted with her colleagues Zahra Dawod and Laila Abbasi. This comes during Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, the President of Al-Quds University, opening of the graduation projects exhibition computer science students who showed practical application of their graduation projects in the building of Faculty of Science.

Dr. Abu Kishek thanked the Palestinian organizations for their consistent support for Information Technology and Computer Science departments. Dr. Abu Kishek said “As everybody knows, the first computer science department in Palestine was in the faculty of Science and Technology at Al-Quds University in 1984.

Dr. Abu Kishek added “We at Al-Quds University signed a cooperation agreement with the largest training company for universities in India to establish a training center for computer science at Al-Quds University."

It is worth mentioning that the projects varied between health, economic and patriotic, with many titles such as: Pick your Gift, Beebe! Health care and Patriotic ID.

The audience, which included students’ colleagues and families and staff, expressed their happiness and pride in the students’ projects.

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