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Modern Media Students at Al-Quds University presents their graduation projects

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Two days of celebrations were organized by students from the Modern Media Institute in order to commemorate the completion of their graduation projects.

On the first day of celebrations, eleven films produced by the students themselves, were screened on campus in Ramallah. Thoughtful discussions followed the screenings, which included celebrated professors in the department, such as the President of the Media department, Dr Ghassan Nimer and the director of the films, Orabi Sawalmeh. The Institute Director, Lucy Nussiebeh and the Director of Educational Jerusalem TV, Haron Abu Orra, also joined them. The students and their families were also present.

The various projects addressed many different ideas and themes that reflected different aspects of the reality of Palestinians.

Susan Qa’oud, the projects supervisor and the lecturer in the Modern Media Institute, praised the students, “these projects are the result of media students’ efforts and reflect the extent of their creativity. They provide a clear route for the students to communicate with audiences and media institutions and will give them a good grounding in the job market.”

Orabi Sawalmeh went on to say that “the students today have taken their first practical steps within the film industry, and this is exactly what the Palestinian market needs”. Furthermore, he applauded their vigorous efforts at addressing the Palestinian community’s problems through such creative and imaginative ways.

Dr. Nimer congratulated the students and their families; “this is a very important stage in the life of graduate students as it equips them for the next practical phase of life.”

The atmosphere at Al-Quds University was electric and full of joy. The students continued to celebrate with their colleagues after the presentation of their projects.

The Films of the first day:

The Machine Of Life, directed by student Farah Erekat.

Do Not Mess with Our Dreams, directed by Hiba Alaouri  and Naaman Qadah.

Qibya Massacre – Born Without a Name, directed by Adel Ghaithan.

Returning Even if Martyrs, directed by Ahmed Issa.

Between Here and There, directed by Nourhan Afghani.

Heaven’s Gate, directed by Ziad Afifi and Firas Sunnuqrut.

The Roar of Resistance, directed by Anas Abu Khadija.

Nostalgia, directed by  Haneen Alami

Here, directed by Alaa Zein.

Take What You Like from the Pictures, directed by Yasmin Alazraq.

Colors’ Doctor, directed by Aya Bakhtan.

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