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AQU Hosts Jerusalem International Conference on Charity Programs

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Al-Quds University hosted on its main campus Jerusalem International Conference on the Application of Sustainable Development in the Charity Programs. The conference was organized by Al-Quds Fund and Endowment in partnership with the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, and it was attended by leaders of charitable work and representatives from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Tunisia, Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Algeria, in addition to Palestine.

The conference addressed the role of Arab and international partnerships in supporting charitable organizations in Jerusalem to achieve sustainable development and how to employ modern technology, digitalization, and artificial intelligence in enhancing charitable activities.

Chairman of International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO), Dr. Abdullah Al-Ma’touq delivered a speech in which he stressed that Kuwait will continue to support the Palestinian people, mainly in Jerusalem, in the form of humanitarian initiatives. He added that education and health are apriority in the IICO’s agenda.

The Special Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dr. Al-Ma’touq stressed the importance of charitable and humanitarian work in helping the needy and the weak, and the role of charitable institutions and associations as a basic pillar for building sustainable societies and achieving comprehensive well-being by directing efforts to serve communities in education, health, etc., and Arab and international partnerships in the field have led to enhancing understanding between different peoples, adding, “We are striving to strengthen partnerships to achieve sustainable development”, noted Dr. Al-Ma’touq.

President of Al-Quds University, Prof. Dr. Imad Abu Kishek welcomed the guests, saying that his alma mater will remain a beacon for science, excellence, innovation, and social action. He extended his gratitude to the attendees for their relentless efforts to support charitable projects in Jerusalem to empower its Arab community.

Professor Abu Kishek cited some of the centers, incubators, initiatives, and partnerships through which the university seeks to serve the Palestinians in Jerusalem, stressing the importance of participation, transparency, accountability and effectiveness in providing better services to the different sectors of community.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jerusalem Fund and Endowment, Mr. Munib Al-Masri, also welcomed the guests from various Arab countries, saying, “Our conference is being organized on the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Jerusalem Fund and Endowment, with a distinguished Arab presence, seeking to launch a new phase of excellence, creativity, and giving”.  

The conference also featured speeches by other prominent guests, in which they stressed the importance of enhancing partnerships with Al-Quds University to provide charitable services to the Jerusalemites and help them steadfast in the Holy City.

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