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President of Turk Barter Mohammad Semsek delivers public lecture at al-Quds University, highlights alternative financing system

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On Wednesday, July 5, the President of Turk Barter, Dr. Mohammad Sirri Semsek delivered a public lecture at Al-Quds University, under the title “The New Economy: Barter, alternative trade and financing and the Islamic Trade Union”

The lecture was held under the auspices of the president of Al-Quds University (AQU) Professor Imad Abu Kishek who welcomed Dr. Semsek and his delegation in the attendance of vice presidents. Abu Kishek presented an overview of the history of the university and the various academic programs.  He highlighted the wide network of global relations that distinguish AQU, including the deep relationships with the Republic of Turkey, which focus    on academic exchange relations and student training.

Professor Abu Kishek touched on the university’s endeavors to promote the Palestinian economy through improving the outcomes of the academic process and scientific research carried at AQU. Abu Kishek cited AQU’s Business Incubator that sponsors emerging projects for university students, mainly in Jerusalem.

Dr. Semsek stressed the importance of a strong economic infrastructure that supports creative ideas and entrepreneurs, citing the Turkish economic experience and the Barter system he established in 1992 to develop the Turkish economy and build an Islamic system that is independent of the West, a system that sponsors commercial transactions in different regions without interest..

Dr. Semsek, who heads the Barter Federation in the region, highlighted the mechanisms of the work of the Barter, targeting the system from the untapped capacity in transactions and the purchase of services to avoid any loss. 

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