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Al-Quds University’s Unique Model of Dual Studies Reaps Further Appreciation by German Partners

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JERUSALEM | Following a tour of a number of Palestinian private sector’s economic firms to learn about the field training provided to Al-Quds University students of Dual Studies, the German partners expressed their appreciation to the university for the promising work opportunities offered to students in the program.

Praising the big contributions of Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals Company and National Beverage Coca-Cola/Cappy in the training of Al-Quds University students, members of the German delegation expressed their government’s commitment to continue to support the joint program that is being implemented in collaboration with the German Cooperation Agency “GIZ” and the German Development Bank (KFW).  “Al-Quds University’s Dual studies program is a core factor that helps reduce unemployment rates in Palestine and contributes to overall economic development,” noted the German delegation.

University leadership, represented by President Professor Imad Abu Kishek, assign great importance to empowering Palestinian youths and building their professional capacities. The many social initiates and economic projects coupled with the university’s relevant academic programs provide the students with apt environment to create and excel. For this purpose, the university has launched a number of academies and incubators to sponsor students’ innovations; the Al-Quds Innovation Incubator and the Al-Quds Academy for Research and the Quality of Education are just two examples.

The university’s model of Dual Studies combines both training in theory and practical skills. Graduated students are double-efficient, in their studies and in practice, through closely connected academic curriculum and field training.

Dual Studies at Al-Quds University is essentially a reaction to two challenges: How to raise employability of university graduates and how to provide the labor market with qualified employees who possess sound skills in practice and theory. In this program, academic courses and vocational training are integrated. What students do in the field is aligned with their academic studies, which enables them to apply their knowledge right away and become familiar with the real life work environment during the program.

A total of 204 students are currently enrolled in the German sponsored program. These students study Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and Information Technology and are engaged in field training at over 150 domestic companies.

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