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Al-Quds University Welcomes Sheikha Nawal Al-Sabah and the Tunisian singer Sofia Sadek Along With a Delegate of Top Officials

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Professor Imad Abu Kishek, President of Al-Quds University welcomed a delegate of top Arab officials that included a variety of Arab and Palestinian influential individuals visiting Al-Quds University to be acquainted with its history, programs and facilities. Among the delegate where Sheikha Nawal Al-Sabah from Kuwait, the Tunisian singer Sofia Sadek and the Egyptian Journalist Ahmad Samir, in addition to a representatives of PYHPPAL Institute, known as Sayedat Al-Ard Institute.

Appreciating this visit, Prof. Abu Kishek highlighted its importance for Palestine and Jerusalem in particular, presenting an overview of AQU’s establishment, as well as a summary of the locally and regionally unique programs it offers. Prof. Abu Kishek then talked about the role of Arab countries in supporting Al-Quds University, namely Kuwait having been the country that laid the university’s foundation stone in 1966. Speaking of the supportive role of Arab countries, Prof. Abu Kishek stressed on the notion of Arabs having Jerusalem in mind to support and stand by it.

Following the president of the university’s welcoming; the delegates expressed the admiration of the university, calling this great edifice that graduates hundreds of distinguished students every year “a standing rock in the heart of Jerusalem”.

Sheikha Nawal Al-Sabah then talked about how happy she is to visit AQU – the only Arab university in Jerusalem, calling everyone around the world to visit Jerusalem to identify with it and support it.

On her part, Sofia Sadek expressed her interest in holding out concerts that would help support students of Al-Quds University being a university with great records of graduates.

Stressing on the strength of the relations between Egypt and Palestine dating back thousands of years; the prominent Egyptian Journalist Ahmad Samir considered the Palestinian struggle to be the top priority for Arabs, and that the delegate’s visit was to confirm the significance of this [Palestine] land, particularly AQU as an educational institution standing firm in Jerusalem.

It is worth mentioning that this delegate is but a part of a larger delegate of Arab and international officials and prominent people (more than 120) that have visited Palestine.

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