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Al-Quds University comes in Second Place Internationally in Research

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Distinguished professor Rafik Karaman of the faulty of pharmacy attained second level in research internationally according to; a website specializing in publishing and reviewing researches with over nine million members of scientists, researchers and MA and PhD students.

Prof. Imad Abu Kishek, president of AQU presented an honorary award to Prof. Karaman as a token of appreciation for such a distinction, showing pride in what AQU has reached in research and on a scientific level highlighting Prof. Karaman’s remarkable achievements that have put Palestine’s fingerprint over the world map.

And despite the challenges and the obstacles, Prof. Abu Kishek assured that AQU gives scientific research, productivity and academic exchanges a top priority through collaborating with worldwide universities and institutions.

On his part, Prof. Karaman extended his gratitude to AQU, represented by Prof. Abu Kishek for the unconditional support to science and scientists mentioning that he is very proud of his achievement and how hard and long he worked get where he is now.

It is worth mentioning that Prof. Karaman has over 40 published researches, where he had written and co-written more than 200 research papers, with over 80 papers in the last 6 years – making it an average of 15 research papers per year.

In addition to publishing researches, Prof. Karaman participated in 45 mural exhibitions, invited to do move that 30 lectures in international conferences and seminars and currently is an editor to tens of magazines and a member of editing teams for 34 tribunal magazines.

Prof. Karaman’s research interests include a wide range of specialties such as but not limited to; designing and preparing drugs to enhance pharmacological characteristics and overcome the challenges and problems that face the medications used in diagnosis, pain relief and as a cure, in addition to researches on water purification.

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