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Jülich Research Institute Hosts Al-Quds University Representatives in a Workshop First of Its Kind Aiming to Initiate a Partnership with Palestinian Universities in the Field of Scientific Cooperation

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As representatives of Al-Quds University, Professor Hasan Dweik, Vice President for Communication and Development, Dr. Badie Sartawi, Vice President for Research Development and Innovation and Dr. Isam Ishaq Dean of Dual Studies Faculty participated in the first workshop that aims at initiating a project funded by the German Government to support scientific cooperation between Palestinian Universities and Jülich German Research Institute.

The cooperation comes in multiple forms, including PhD and MA scholarships, in addition to summer courses for distinguished seniors to do research especially in the fields that would serve Palestine, as well as academic exchanges among professors to extend the chances of doing joint research.

Dr. Sartwai made a presentation about Al-Quds University pointing out the university’s domains of scientific research, and the multiple fields the university is most distinguished in, distinctively the ones which cooperation with Jülich Institute would develop more.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Quds University was the first Palestinian University to sign an agreement of scientific cooperation with Jülich German Research Institute a few years ago, and a number of students did researches with this internationally distinct institute.

The signing of the agreement was attended by all Palestinian universities through representatives of universities’ presidents in addition to deans of scientific research, all in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education, the President’s office and the coordinator of the project, Palestine Academy for Science and Technology.

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