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Al-Quds University Meets with the Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to Discuss Means of Scientific Cooperation with Ecuadorian Universities

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During his meeting with Mr. Javier Santos Blazarata, Ambassador of Republic of Ecuador to the Palestinian Authority, Professor Imad Abu Kishek discussed means of scientific cooperation and   academic exchange between Al-Quds University and the universities of Republic of Ecuador.

President Abu Kishek welcomed the ambassador and praised the position that Ecuador takes in defending freedoms and its solidarity with the Palestinian case, then went to talk about the history of the University, its location in the heart of the Jerusalem, and the distinguished faculties and centers it has which are distributed to serve students and community.  

President Abu Kishek talked about the quality of education, outcomes of Al-Quds University and the remarkable scientific research that the university presents and the developing and creation of new programs such as the Dual Studies program, underscoring how the academic diplomacy brings people closer to exchange knowledge and helps to develop the economy saying: “nations who desire a strong economy must produce knowledge instead of cloning it”.

On the other hand, Ambassador Blazarata talked about the universities of Ecuador and   the choosing of Al-Quds University to create this academic exchange corporation for its scientific excellence and scientific research.

This meeting was attended by Prof. Hassan Dwiek, Vice president of Communication and Development, who accompanied the guest in his tour around faculties and the University’s Research Center alongside Abu Jihad Center for the Prisoners’ Movement Affairs.  

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