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The President of Al-Quds University Discusses Means of Scientific Cooperation with the Director of the British Council

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President of Al-Quds University Prof. Imad Abu Kishek hosted in his office,  the Director  of the British Council in Palestine Mr. Brendan McSharry, accompanied by Ms. Caroline Khalaf,  Vice Director of Programs at the British Council and Madame Merna Kassis, Scholarships/Higher Education Coordinator at the British Council. The meeting aimed to seek means of scientific and research cooperation between Al-Quds University and the British Council.

Among those who were present at the meeting were The Vice President of Communication and Development Affairs Prof .Hasan Dweik, the Vice President of Research, Development and Innovation Dr. Badie Sartawi, and Secretary of Association of Councils Dr. Mohammed Shalaldeh.  

Professor Abu Kishek welcomed  the delegation, presenting a preface on the history of the University and stages of its development, its research centers and its remarkable  academic services, explaining the progress the university has achieved in different domains – notably the scientific research,  through researches and projects that Al-Quds University achieved in partnership with other  universities and international institutions, and the need for developing relationships with the British government and universities.

The President then explained  the  education strategy  that the university adopted and  the development it  achieved, besides  alongside the establishment of  Al-Quds endowment funds for scientific research and education quality, and the role of the university plays in forming a network of researchers in several  and overlapping fields and its cooperation  with  other Palestinian and  Jordanian universities to create   research environment that leads to developing the economy and contributes to eliminating unemployment.

The meeting was a good occasion for proposing several ideas, suggestions and projects that can be carried in cooperation between Al-Quds University and British Universities, in order to develop the scientific research through the contribution of the British Council. In the same context the meeting discussed the “HESPAL Scholarship” program which offers scholarships at the British universities, and discussed the possibility of giving Al-Quds University the opportunity to be supported by this program.  

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