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Opening ceremony of the Confucius center at Al-Quds University tells about History of Palestinian-Chinese Relations

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Al-Quds University has opened a Chinese photography exhibition on Tuesday, highlighting the history of Chinese-Palestinian relations, at the Confucius Institute for Chinese language studies at the Munib Al Masri Library building at the Abu Dis campus.

The president of the university Dr. Imad Abu Kishek inaugurated the exhibition along with a number of his deputies, academics and lecturers and guests, as well as the Chinese ambassador Chen Hengcheong, and ten university students. The exhibition encompassed many unique and historical photographs that embody social, economic, educational and political reality between Palestine and China decades ago.  

The Chinese ambassador expressed his utmost pleasure to the State of Palestine for being at the heart of Al-Quds University, the capital of the State of Palestine, and his participation in this joint national day. “This achievement is not foreign to Al-Quds University, for it is always advancing. We have a long history of communication with the university, and this exhibition today embodies that relationship.”

The ambassador thanked the Palestinian people, and Al-Quds University represented by its president more specifically, for the protection of this unique cultural and historical heritage. “Through it, we express a message today about the brotherhood and communication with Palestinians, and the exchange of expertise and the history, for the relationship between Palestine and the Republic of China is extremely strong and we always want it to be stronger, especially in aspects of culture and learning.”

According to Chen, “China works to support the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people in international meetings, economically and politically, and searches for the establishment of developmental projects in Palestine.”

The president of the university, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, said: “This day distinguishes the university, which embraces the first Confucius Institute for the study of the Chinese language, and it is an honor for the university that the institute is in its corridors, and it is regarded as a Chinese platform for the strengthening of Chinese-Palestinian relations along different domains and levels through Al-Quds university.”

Dr. Abu Kishek affirmed that the strong relationship between Palestine and China built on this balance should be invested in for a better future, so that it would act as a model to be followed as part of the university’s rapid development, especially in the teaching of the Chinese language, and the exchange of expertise and teaching between the two sides, through the university and its students who learn the Chinese language at the Confucius Institute.

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