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Al-Quds University and the Arab Development Society Sign Community Service Agreement in Jericho

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the community services center in Jericho and the Jordan Valley, in hope of making it a place for executing research that would aid in servicing the residents of the Jordan Valley.

The agreement stipulates that the rehabilitation of the mentioned place is to occur by the Arab Development Society, after which the implementation and utilization stage would be undertaken by Al-Quds University, so that it would become a center that provides community, research and scientific services for the local society.

The president of the university, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, and the chairman of the Arab Development Society, Ali Al-Husseini signed the agreement in the presence of the Deputy-Governor Jamal Rajoub, and representatives of the Jericho Municipality, as well as the Ministry of Interior, the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Labour, Bank of Palestine, and other figures.

The center will offer services and research for different sectors, and will be a place for festivals and activities that encourage development, especially within the field of agriculture.

Dr. Abu Kishek also said that the agreement is a historic event, opening vast doors for work and for servicing the local community within the governorate, assuring that Jericho and the Jordan Valley are in need of all the meaningful efforts to support the perseverance of the residents.

The agreement also opens doors towards the study of identifying issues, and the development of possible solutions through the use of research and agricultural studies, in hope of reaching solutions and perceptions that can be implemented and can service the residents and the public interest. “Al-Quds University aims to develop Palestinian society through the provision of scientific expertise,” said Dr. Abu Kishek.

Dr. Husseini explained that the Arab Development Society is considered the oldest organization in the homeland, and that it provides services to all parts of the homeland, in addition to the governorate of Jericho and the Jordan Valley. He added that the organization previously sponsored orphans and an agricultural school, and highlighted the current situation and capabilities of the organizations, which have forced it to step back a little, but that it is seeking to reclaim its pioneering position in providing services to the local farming community.

Al Husseini praised the cooperation with Al-Quds University, calling on all to become partners in providing service to the local community to all, especially the academic and research institutions.

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