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Dual Studies Program Students are Financially Sponsored

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The Palestinian Governor of the Kuwaiti Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, Dr. Nabil Qaddumi, has decided to financially sponsor all students enrolled in the dual studies program until their graduation.

His decision came as a result of a positive impression about the importance of this practical program, connected to the private higher education sector, and it is an experiment that will aid in economic and community development.

The president of Al-Quds University, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, met with the Palestinian Governor of the Kuwaiti Arab Fund, and Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Welfare Association, Dr. Nabil Qaddumi, as well as the Director General of the Welfare Association, Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi, in the presence of Dr. Hasan Dweik, the Vice President for Science and Society, and Dr. Badie Sartawi, the Vice President for Planning and Development.

Dr. Abu Kishek affirmed that the relationship between the university and the Welfare Association is an extensive and continuing one, saying: “We cooperate with them to develop education in Palestine. Communication is constant for the strategic partnership to developing the educational programs in Jerusalem, and for supporting the dual studies program.”

From her end, Dr. Tafeeda Jarbawi confirmed the partnership between the Welfare Association and Al-Quds University, saying: “The purpose of the visit was to learn about the university and its future needs, in hope of supporting its developmental projects on the curriculum level and required supplies, and for focusing on the unique program that the university established in the Middle East— the “Dual Studies” program.

Dr. Badie Sartawi provided a detailed explanation about the Dual Studies program and the university’s future orientations, of which its most important goals is servicing the city of Jerusalem and the opening of programs that would improve work opportunities, and also encourage creative projects within different majors.

The visiting delegation toured the university’s different facilities, and learned about the programs that the university and the academic and research projects offer.

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