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Launch of “Shares for Jerusalem’s Fulfillment” sponsored by “Al-Quds University and The Jordanian University”

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The campaign “Shares for Jerusalem’s Fulfillment on behalf of university students and staff in the Arab and Islamic worlds,” is a campaign launched by the two universities of Al-Quds and the Jordanian University, in cooperation with the fund and Jerusalem endowment at the level of Arab and Islamic universities.

The campaign aims to gather the largest amount of financial and moral support through individual donations from students and university staff and faculty in the Arab and Islamic world.

The president of the university, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, thanked the Jordanian Kingdom “king, government, and people,” for what they do to take care of Jerusalem and support its perseverance, praising the role of His Majesty the late King Hussein Ibn Talal for laying the foundation stone for the Arab Institute building in Jerusalem on a small hill overlooking Al Aqsa Mosque, aiming to preserve the city and to foster the perseverance of its people and to stand in the face of attempts to obliterate, Judaize, confiscate and uproot, and to preserve the Arab Islamic character of Palestine through graduating generations capable of withstanding difficulties and facing challenges armed with knowledge.

Dr. Abu Kishek said, “Al-Quds University, the leader scientifically, academically, nationally and heroically, is deeply-rooted in the heart of Jerusalem, and exerts a large effort in strengthening the perseverance of its people in the face of all the attempts to Judaize, obliterate, confiscate and uproot, and to protect the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic identity, and to graduate scientifically, academically and nationally qualified generations,” who are consequently able to serve their people and nation, and motherland, with the soul and spirit of Jerusalem and its holy sites, especially with the presence of the university in the heart of Jerusalem.

Dr. Abu Kishek also praised the decision of the Jordanian University’s council of deans to depend on Jerusalem for the substance of the curriculum, pointing to that being a decision that has come as a response to the escalation in the Judaization of Jerusalem, and Israel’s violation of the sanctity of its holy sites, its targeting of the Al-Aqsa mosque, continued settlement activities and confiscation of lands, and completing the act of isolation Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings by building the Apartheid Wall around it and forcefully displacing Jerusalemites.

The president of the Jordanian University, Ekhlaif Tarawneh, “The University has issued a number of decisions that will foster the perseverance of the people of Jerusalem and Palestine, including the establishment of a center named Jerusalem Studies in partnership with the International Palestine Foundation, and the allocation a periodical price of 10,000 Jordanian Dinars awarded once every two years, to the best PhD message about

Jerusalem, and the treatment of Jerusalemite students in the BA and graduate programs as Jordanians in terms of the fees for the corresponding program.

Dr. Tarawneh clarified that the Jordanian University has adopted the 9th day of November of every year as a day in support of Jerusalem, in addition to including a subject titled “Jerusalem” in its educational plan, whereby it has adopted a number of initiatives such as: “my partner is a Jerusalemite” to activate communication between the Jordanian and Jerusalem students.

He also said: “The university has finally surmounted its efforts by establishing a fund to support its Jerusalemite students by aiming to enable them to secure their college education expenses, hoping that that would be a prelude to the support of Palestinian students in the university and their equality with their Jordanian brethren in terms of fees.”

The joint press release on the campaign, “Shares for Jerusalem’s Fullfilment” in solidarity with Jerusalem, and the importance of supporting parents in Jerusalem irrespective of their race and language, pointing to the fact that the fund and the Jerusalem endowment aim to realize and achieve empowerment and development, which includes the preservation of Jerusalem’s Arab Islamic identity, and providing the elements for the resilience of Jerusalemites through the support of all the sectors within the promising strategic plan.

The press release called the university students, staff and academics towards the initiative to extend moral and financial support, to become one hand and one flesh in supporting Jerusalem.

The statement stressed the importance of standing in solidarity and cooperating and aiding in the success of the campaign to gather the largest possible amount of donations through “Jerusalem’s Share” which is equivalent to one Jordanian Dinar at a minimum, to support Jerusalem’s endowment and fund.

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