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Al Quds University and the German Heinrich-Heine University Sign Academic Cooperation Agreement

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Al Quds University and the Germen Heinrich-Heine University have signed a cooperation agreement, prescribing the completion of the European Studies program through a partnership between the two universities.

This program presents students with the chance to study “European Studies” courses for a year at Al Quds University, with the fulfillment of all study requirements. Students are then qualified to complete their second year of graduate studies at the German Heinrich Heine University. English will be the language of study.

The president of Al Quds University, Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, signed the agreement on behalf of Al Quds University, while the Vice President for International Relations, Dr. Andrea von Hulsen-Esch, signed on behalf of Heinrich Heine University.

Dr. Abu Kishek received the visiting German delegation from Heinrich Heine University on the main campus of Al Quds University, affirming the importance of this partnership, which provides the student with the chance of being exposed to the European world and being introduced to European culture. This opportunity therefore helps the student undertake unique, scientific, high-quality research, added Dr. Abu Kishek.

On her end, Dr. von Hulsen-Esch emphasized her desire to strengthen the relationship between the two universities, considering the importance of the presence of corresponding academic and student exchange programs to support education and scientific research projects. Dr. von Hulsen-Esch noted that there have been discussions aimed at reaching common areas of interest between the two parties.

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