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The Role of Talent Management on Companies

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Publication by Mohammed BayyoudNermeen Sayyad

"The Role of Talent Management on Companies’ Performance Listed in Palestine: Literature Review" American Journal of Business, Economics and Management 2015; 3(4): 234-240.

Abstract: Talent management has been a topic in recent years. It has a positive effect on the ability to create a compelling, productive, and valued enterprise for all stakeholders — employees, customers, business partners and investors. Moreover, talent management facilitated talent flexibility and enables the rapid growth of the business, ensuring rapid alignment with the requirements established by business leaders as the company evolved. The past decades shown how companies, businesses and organizations struggled for top quality in their operations of products and services. Many have turned to many modern means such as sophisticated management systems, upgraded production equipment and materials, and more efficient manufacturing methods. Many researchers find a key missing factor for talent management in Palestinian companies. Better product quality, system efficiency resolutions to problems, and innovation for growth can only be best achieved when the human factor in companies are best managed. However, the focus and need for human capital is a major asset that needs an attention and investment in the corporate or organizational set up. Talent management is one approach to maximizing this human capital in Palestine. Management has to be dealt with both art and science, from the same perspective, is the talent management has something to do with both art and science. Methodology applied in this study is descriptive analysis based on literature review coupled by the opinion of the writer.

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