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Dual Program- Al-Quds University and Marmara University

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On August 16th, 2015 Dr. Imad Abu Kishk , president of Al-Quds University, met with Dr. Murat Daodov, representative of Marmara University, to launch  the first of many meetings to discuss the new collaboration of the two Institutions. Marmara is the third largest University in Istanbul, Turkey with approximately 68,000 students enrolled.

The collaborative program will be a Masters in Public Administration and Local Governance. The objective of the joint degree will be to “serve our societies to be prepared to work in local government, and train them to have the best skills in order to identify problems within our society” explains Dr. Emad.

The two Universities have met with various European, and American donors who are supporting the joint degree program, which is hoped to be launched by the summer of 2016.

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