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“Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages in the Digital Age” conference at Al-Quds University

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Al-Quds University held the first International symposium for “Learning and Teaching Foreign Languages in the Digital Age”, at the main campus in Jerusalem today Monday. Leading researchers in the field travelled from all over the world to be at the conference, including Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon and France.  

The Vice President of Academic Affairs, Hanna ‘Abd Al-Noor, spoke on the importance of learning foreign languages, and the necessity of using modern technology to do so. He spoke of how in the current “e-era”, we must explore ways of staying relevant with the young digitized generation, in order to keep teaching appropriate and interesting.

Dr. Abd Al-Noor added that “the geographically isolated nature of Palestine means that we must engage with this technology now more than ever. It is imperative that we keep our students at the height of educational access.

Dr. Omar Najjar, lecturer at the English department at Al-Quds University confirmed that “technology is the answer for the future of education, so through the conference the committee hope to engage new generations regarding the importance of learning foreign languages”.

Dr .Saliha Salawdeh, professor and coordinator of the French language department, confirmed the need for language and technology in exchanging experiences with other countries to enrich education, and this is what Al-Quds University has been and continues to be to advance development in various fields of education.

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