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Dr. Imad Abu Kishek surprises a law student and gives him an honor in the middle of a lecture

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Dr. Imad Abu Kishek, Al-Quds University’s President, presented a scholarship to one of the university’s most creative students, at the literature level. Dr. Abu Kishek surprised the student, Mohammad Erekat, in one of his daily lectures, and offered him the grant in recognition to the student’s novel " Dar-Al-Farabi" which will be published, printed and distributed in Beirut.

Dr. Abu Kishek said that" developing Al-Quds University students’ talents is an option and strategic decision for the university management and we will be working on supporting outstanding students academically, culturally, morally, and in all other areas. So these creations will be the nucleus of Palestinian future."

Dr. Abu Kishek added that Al-Quds University, which has a rich history of  academic and cultural achievements, is the natural home for all creative Palestinians, and welcomes each student who is willing to develop and improve himself/herself, with open arms.    

This is not the first time that the University President has offered his support to the creative students in Al-Quds University, as he previously provided a full scholarship to the student, Malek Abu Alrub, the captain of Palestine’s National Taekwondo team.

It’s worth mentioning that the student, Mohammad Erekat, studies in the Law Faculty, and his novel talks about the role of western media in flipping facts and fabricating stories through the reality of a Palestinian’s life in France.

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