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AQU participates in the Meetings of Arab Universities Association at Lebanon’s Round

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Al-Quds University, presented by the president Dr. Imad Abu Kishik and Dr. Said Abu Ali, has participated in the meetings of the 48th General Conference of the Arab Universities Association hosted by Saint Joseph University at Beirut, Lebanon, from March 25 to March 27, 2015,

The Conference was attended by Dr.Sultan Abu-Orabi Al-Adwan, Secretary General of Association of Arab Universities, about 200 presidents of Arab Universities, presidents of international unions, international academic institutions associated to higher education, representatives of organizations, Arab and foreign ambassadors and diplomats.

The meeting aimed at boosting and coordinating the efforts of Arab Universities and cooperation among them, encouraging research center establishment, boosting the conduction of joint scientific research and exchanging its results, taking care of applied research and linking its topics with economic and social Arab development plans.

Dr. Imad Abu Kishik has declared that the Arab Universities Association meeting has discussed the schedules prepared by the association’s secretariat. Its most prominent themes are following up the implementation of the previous round decisions, proposing the modification of main and interior systems of the association.

Dr. Imad confirmed the importance of the conference in boosting the development processes of Arab Universities and stimulating excellence and creativity, encouraging joint student activities among Arab Universities, cooperating for adjusting and ensuring academic and higher education quality, seeking the achievement of exchangeable acknowledgement of the certificates issued by Arab Universities, the activity of Palestinian Universities support fund, the Arab fund for financing scientific research in the secretariat, academic theses repository center, periodicals computing center, cooperation between the association and Arab, regional and international organizations.

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