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The Poet, Nathalie Handal Captivates Audience with Writing “Out of Place”

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In an exciting literary event, acclaimed poet Nathalie Handal graced Al-Quds Bard College with her presence for a session titled “Nathalie Handal: Writing Out of Place.” The session, held via Zoom on May 14, 2024, captivated an enthusiastic audience comprising students and colleagues from the college.

Handal, a distinguished French-American poet and writer of Palestinian descent, mesmerized attendees with her profound insights into the intricate interplay between identity, language, and displacement in her prose and poetry.

Reflecting on her transpositions and translations, Handal shared intimate reflections on her roots and routes, offering a poignant narrative that resonated deeply with the audience. Her evocative storytelling not only shed light on her personal experiences but also provided a window into the broader human experience of navigating multiple cultural landscapes.

The session witnessed an overwhelming participation from students and college colleagues, with attendees eagerly engaging with Handal’s compelling narrative and thought-provoking ideas. Notably, Dr. Husam Abuaisha, Professor of Comparative Literature and Critical Theory, served as the session’s moderator and supervisor, skillfully guiding and managing the discussion. Questions flowed freely, and discussions were rich and vibrant, showcasing the profound impact of Handal’s work on the audience.

Overall, Nathalie Handal’s “Writing Out of Place” session left an indelible mark on all who attended, reaffirming the power of literature to transcend boundaries and foster meaningful connections in an ever-changing world.

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