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AQU participates in the Sixth Annual Translation Conference in Qatar

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Al-Quds University, represented by Dr. Ahmed Ayyad from the English Department, participated in the activities of the Sixth International Conference for Translation in Qatar under the title “Translating the Gulf: Beyond Fault Lines” which was organized under the Translation and Interpreting Institute-Hamad bin Khalifa University during the period 23-24 March.

The conference which was attended by experts in the translation from Qatar, Palestine, the United States of America, Egypt, Spain, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sweden, Algeria and Serbia, aimed to create a Gulf-based platform for discussing issues related to translation, also to re-center, reconnect, and expand the field of translation beyond its traditional borders.

Dr. Ayyad presented a research paper entitled " translation and mobilizing public opinion" which dealt with the important role of translation in mobilizing public opinion in support of a particular political solution in times of political conflicts, especially in the framework of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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