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“Palestine Acceil” visits Al-Quds University

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During a special visit to Al-Quds University today, March 31, Dr. Safa Nasseraldin, Vice President of Jerusalem Campus Affairs, and Ms. Sabah Khamis, Director of Insan Center for Gender Studies, hosted a French group from the Palestine Acceuil.

Dr. Safa confirmed that this visit is one the many efforts to build a better understanding between Palestine and its surrounding countries.

Dr. Safa expressed her enthusiasm of this visit because it allows the French ambassadors who work and live in Palestine an opportunity to get to know the campus, the student body, and the administration as a way to correctly represent them in France.

Ms. Sabah Khamis plays a key role in Insan Center for Gender Studies as she is not only the director of this field, she also teaches about women gender and development in the university. Ms. Sabah has gathered information about all active women in Palestine, including the uneducated. Gender Studies began in Al-Quds University in 1996 and now offer bachelors as well as masters programs. Recent success in the Gender Studies program has come in the agreement and cooperation with the Women’s Affair Association. They are working with Ms. Sabah Khamis to keep women active in the community.

One of the French guests that honored Al-Quds University was Ms. Magro Maria, the Head and Coordinator of the Palestine Acceuil,  Mr. Maria expressed her delight in visiting Al-Quds University and mentioned that she organizes groups to come and visit the university as a part of her aim of cultural integration. Ms. Maria said that she didn’t only learn about political matters during her visit, but also about the different cultural and academic situations on the campus.

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