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al-Quds Bard is the First Place Winner of the annual MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship

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We are honoured to announce that al-Quds Bard is the First Place Winner of the annual MacJannet Prize for Global Citizenship.

The MacJannet Prize was established by the Talloires Network and the MacJannet Foundation to recognize exceptional student community engagement initiatives at Talloires Network signatory member universities, and contributes financially to their ongoing public service efforts. The prize for the first place winner this year is for $10,000.

Al-Quds University was one of the original signatories to the Talloires Declaration in 2005, which let to the formation of the Talloires Network of Engaged Universities – a global coalition of 437 university presidents, vice-chancellors and rectors in 86 countries who have publicly committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of their institutions. It is the largest international network focused particularly on university civic engagement.

The Civic Engagement Program at al-Quds Bard College received the prize because of the diversity of its engagement activities, its demonstrated impacts on both students and the community, and its resiliency in the face of the challenges of the past year, whereby the Civic Engagement Program was able to reorganize, digitize, and localize while maintaining a consolidated network, and increase the number of students and community partners reached by our activities.

The al-Quds Bard Civic Engagement Program aims to increase the capacity of the College to operate in the public interest by supporting faculty and students to link classroom and community, and enabling students with the theory and skills to be civically engaged, to develop and organize projects to bring about meaningful and positive changes in society, and to realize their full potential as community actors and educators in shaping their future, the future of Palestine, and the world.

For more information about the MacJannet Prize and the Civic Engagement Program at al-Quds Bard please visit the following link:

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