Assistant‭ ‬Director‭, ‬Center for Teaching and Learning‭ (‬full-time‭)‬

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Al-Quds University‭-‬‮ ‬Palestinian‭ ‬Authority‭ ‬

Apply‭: ‬

Title‭: ‬Assistant‭ ‬Director‭, ‬Center for Teaching and Learning‭ (‬full-time‭)


  • Ph‭.‬D‭. ‬in any relevant field preferred‭.‬
  • Significant college-level teaching‭ ‬experience‭.‬
  • Experience with curriculum-building‭.‬
  • Fluent written and spoken English‭ ‬and Arabic‭.‬
  • Experience with Bard College’s writing pedagogy is‭ ‬strongly desired‭.‬

Job Description‭:‬

AlQuds University‭ (‬AQU‭) ‬is‭ ‬seeking a full-time staff member with‭ ‬expertise in pedagogy‭ ‬and training for the position of Assistant Director for the‭ ‬Center for Teaching and Learning‭. ‬Mainly‭, ‬the CTL Assistant Director‭ ‬will oversee the continued development of AQU’s core university‭ ‬requirement courses‭, ‬including Language‭ & ‬Thinking‭. ‬Under supervision of the CTL‭ ‬Director‭, ‬the Assistant Director will be responsible for designing and‭ ‬implementing pedagogical strategy for all AQU University requirement courses and‭ ‬work with the Vice President of Academic Affairs on furthering‭ ‬the university’s vision to promote active learning‭, ‬innovation‭, ‬and‭ ‬creativity‭. ‬S/he will lead workshops on a variety of‭ ‬topics—‭ ‬student-centered and active learning‭, ‬creating revision-friendly syllabi‭ ‬and assignments‭, ‬using writing-to-learn techniques in the classroom‭, ‬responding to papers‭, ‬promoting classroom engagement‭, ‬etc‭.‬

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