Pharmacology OR Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Department‭: ‬Faculty of Pharmacy

Organization‭: ‬Al-Quds University

Two vacancies are available‭, ‬below are the specialized areas requested‭:‬

  1. Pharmacology OR Clinical Pharmacy
  2. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Duties‭ ‬and Responsibilities‭:‬

  1. Ability to teach research methodology besides other‭ ‬basic courses‭.‬
  2. Contribute to committees at the faculty and‭ ‬university‭.‬
  3. Contribute to student academic advising‭.‬
  4. Contribute to‭ ‬research profile at the faculty and university‭.‬
  5. Contribute to‭ ‬quality and curricula improvement‭.‬
  6. Other responsibilities assigned by Deanship‭.‬


  1. PhD in relevant disciplinary area‭ (‬mostly preferable Europe‭/‬America‭).‬
  2. Bachelor degree in Pharmacy‭.‬
  3. Teaching experience for‭ ‬at least one year‭.‬
  4. High capacity to enroll into‭ ‬Team work‭.‬
  5. Strong publication record‭.‬
  6. Familiar with educational‭ ‬technologies used in the higher education‭.‬
  7. Excellent oral and‭ ‬written skills

Required Documents‭:‬

  1. Curriculum vitae‭.‬
  2. Cover‭ ‬letter‭.‬
  3. Copy of credentials of obtained degrees‭.‬
  4. Copy‭ ‬of the passport‭, ‬Identity card tc‮…‬‭ ‬
  5. Copy of listed‭ ‬publications‭.‬

Apply for a job‭:‬

All documents should be sent‭ ‬not later than 3‭ ‬February 2023‭, ‬to the‭ ‬following‭: ‬e-mail address‭: ‬

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