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Al-Quds University condemns the Israeli occupation forces breaking into its main campus in Abu Dies Today Saturday 19 November 2016

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Israeli occupation forces backed by several Jeeps and dozens of heavily armed troops broke into Al-Quds University presidency building in its main campus in Abu Dies today, Saturday 19 November 2016. The Israeli forces held the university security guards in a room and prevented them from leaving or communicating with anyone.

The University strongly condemns the breaking into a student scientific exhibition which was held in the presidency building and the confiscation of its content.

Prof. Hassan Dweik, vice president for communication, condemned the continuous Israeli assaults on the university’s campus. He added that these forces totally ignore international laws and conventions which consider universities to be a place for freedom of speech and intellectuality and thus protect them and their sanctity against any assaults.

Prof. Dweik stressed that the student scientific exhibition only included books about literature, culture and arts besides other items concerning Palestinian culture and heritage. In this context, it is important to stress the fact that this exhibition is organized by students annually. 

Prof. Dweik called upon International Arab and Islamic organizations to intervene to stop the brutality of the Israeli occupation and its unjustified recurrent assaults on the university, its students and property. Prof. Dweik added that only reason for these assaults is the violation of the sanctity of a university campus for the Palestinians in Occupied Jerusalem.

The university asserts that it will practice its legal right to pursue and expose the practices of the Israeli occupation which directly threatens its academic march.

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