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Microsoft Ambassadors at Al-Quds University Organize Day Centered Around Technology

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Microsoft student ambassadors organized a meeting at Al-Quds University today, titled “Microsoft Technology Day,” in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science.

The students hosted the international expert Dr. Waseem Awad. The meeting also dealt with informing a large number of students and professors about the Microsoft ambassadors program at the university, under the supervision of Dr. Asal Sirha.

The head of the Computer Engineering Department, Dr. Yacoub Sabatin, affirmed the importance of such fruitful meetings for students, praising the efforts of the student ambassadors for organizing this event as the first activity of the new academic year.

Dr. Awad spoke about a number of subjects important to students, including the latest Microsoft technologies, in addition to the safekeeping of secret information that could be infiltrated through smart devices. He also directed several tips and instructions for students about the manner through which to preserve personal information, highlighting many of the problems that they face in the event that their information has been breached by companies or individuals.

He also spoke of building a career path for students, and the requirements of the job market, stressing the importance of outlining the field of work that they wish to delve into and to know the field very well, so that can aid the student in choosing which course of action to take with their work in the future.

Student Sundos Salameh from A-Najah University also spoke about her personal experience as a Microsoft ambassador, saying that she participated in various activities from which her personality has developed and grown, and which has provided her with a great deal of important information about technology and its importance.

Salameh also called on other students to work hard to become a Microsoft ambassador, and to benefit from the opportunities provided to them.

Microsoft ambassadors are student representatives of the company Microsoft at Al-Quds University. Their mission is to spread awareness about the proper use of technology.

The program lasts for a full year — students enrolled gain practical and academic expertise in the field of organizing events about technology. The program is not limited to students from a particular major.

The Al-Quds University ambassadors are: Mahmoud Salman, Ahmed Za’atera, Mustafa Toubal, Islam Hemaidat, Husam Ibrahim, Yusra Al-Ashab, Noura Salibi, Basil Mansour, Muhannad Muslih, and Fida’ Anka.

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