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Al-Quds University launches graduation of 40th class by celebrating the faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy

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Jerusalem | Al-Quds University (AQU) held the graduation ceremony of the 40th class, beginning with the faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy on the first day of a four-day ceremony. The decision to hold graduation for the different faculties over several days was made in response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Dr. Muhammad Abu Younos welcomed in his address the graduates and their families, expressing his pleasure for graduating another cohort of hardworking dental students. He conveyed the greetings and wishes of the president AQU Professor Imad Abu Kishek, wishing the graduates further success in their future career.

Calling on the graduates to remain committed to the message of the university, Abu Younos said “Today, you are on the threshold of a new stage of life in which you engage in work and community service, with more commitment to achieve the message of medicine represented in caring for patients, alleviating their pain, preserving their privacy, and providing the best for them”.

Dr. Abu Younos highly praised the graduates for their cooperation during the Coronavirus pandemic and the transition to remote instruction. He added that the students showed high commitment in clinical training to the strict procedures and protocols to ensure safety and the completion of all clinical and academic requirements in a timely and appropriate manner.

Dean of the College of Pharmacy Dr. Ahmed Amr delivered a speech in which he expressed his happiness for graduating a distinguished medical cohort of AQU students, despite the challenges and burden of the pandemic. He added that from the early days of the outbreak of the pandemic, the university has developed plans, improved infrastructure, and trained faculty members to manage the crisis and maintain academic life to help the students reach graduation.”

Dr. Amr pointed to the development of the academic process at the Faculty of Pharmacy, which focuses on practical aspects and professional skills that are needed by the Palestinian labor market. He thanked President Abu Kishek for his continued support to the Faculty of Pharmacy. He also extended his thanks to the Palestinian American scholar and AQU friend Professor Dr. Ibrahim Jalal who helped in the renovation of all Pharmacy laboratories.

He concluded his speech by saying: “We should not forget the faculty’s excellent graduates who hold many advanced positions in the profession of pharmacy, particularly the students coming from the 1948 territories for their excellence in the profession’s board exams.

It is worth noting that Al-Quds University this year is holding several graduation ceremonies for its different faculties over four days. The first day is reserved for the faculties of Dentistry and Pharmacy; the second for the faculties of Arts, Educational sciences, the Qur’an and Da’wa, and  Graduate Studies; the third for the faculties of Health Professions, Public Health, and the fourth for the faculties of Engineering, Science and Technology, Business and Economics, and Law.

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