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Al-Quds Without Borders launch event

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Al-Quds Without Borders is an exciting new initiative run by a group of Palestinian and British volunteers at Al-Quds University. Their mission is to work for students to raise issues surrounding their right to education. AQWB aims to empower students to achieve their potential through means of raising awareness and providing workshops to enhance important skills. It is their hope that by supporting the young minds of the future, the community of Al-Quds will continue to develop and stand strong in the face of adversity.

The 13th May saw the group hold their first skills workshop, in which they taught students effective interview techniques and the fundamental skills of successful communicators. 

The session functioned as a means to help them attain prospective jobs, in the hope that they can develop within their community and take the future of Palestine back into their hands.

The workshop was held in English so that students could also build upon their language skills, and gave them the opportunity to practice for international based interviews.

There was great turnout of students who left in high spirits. Manar Hasan, an English student who attended, went on to say “I really enjoyed the workshop because it gave us the opportunity to engage and to get experienced with new things”.

This is the first of many workshops that AQWB will hold. These will be designed to fit the needs of the students. To be the first to know what event will be next, visit

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