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Senior delegation from Brescia, Italy, visits AQU to reaffirm friendship and collaboration

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JERUSALEM | A high-level delegation from the city of Brescia, Italy, recently visited Al-Quds University (AQU) to reaffirm the close collaboration and friendship ties both AQU and Italian institutions have developed.

Aiming at expanding joint cooperation, the senior Italian delegation consisted of the Presidents of Brescia University and the Catholic University, the Mayor of Brescia and the members of Council, the Archbishop of Brescia, and the Head of the Industrial Association of Brescia, along with senior academics, businessmen, and civil society leaders.

President of Al-Quds University Professor Imad Abu Kishek met the Italian delegation in his office on the main campus to discuss mechanisms for enhancing joint collaboration. He briefed the guests on the multitude of advances the university has made at the academic and research levels, which, he said, demonstrates that AQU “is highly interested in linking the educational outcomes to the needs of the market by modernizing its academic programs and conducting valued pioneering research projects.

Pointing to AQU’s continuing endeavors to offer its students quality education and training, Abu Kishek highly praised the partnership between AQU and Brescia’s universities and other institutions. In this context, he extended his gratitude to the Italian delegation for this important visit to AQU’s campus, which shows that the parties are maintaining deep cooperation and friendship ties.

The Italian delegation expressed their deep appreciation for the close cooperation and the deep friendship with AQU, pledging to expand collaboration to cover other areas of mutual interest, which will enhance contacts at all levels between the peoples of both Palestine and Italy.

In his informative lecture that was attended by AQU’s leadership, academics, and staff, the President of Brescia University Professor Maurizio Tira addressed the challenges of sustainable development university communities around the globe have to face as part of their ethical responsibility. Prof. Tira emphasized the need for efficient networking and active exchanges of expertise amongst universities and research centers to find solutions to the current and future problems posed by technology, economic competition, political conflicts, and environmental changes. He noted that “the common values shared by universities remain an essential tool in dealing with these challenges and achieving coexistence for the benefit of the societies and the generations to come”, calling on universities to work collaboratively to reach the seventeen international objectives of sustainable development.

The visit by the Brescia delegation to AQU is evidence of the close collaboration relations the university has forged with the different institutions in Brescia, which is manifest in the accomplishment of a number of agreements for academic cooperation between AQU and Brescia University, including the agreement for exchanging students with Brescia University Hospital, under which a total of ten students from Al-Quds University annually receive clinical training at this famous Italian hospital.

AQU has created a multitude of unique partnerships with a range of leading universities and other institutions around the world, mainly in Europe. In respect to this, Al-Quds University implements an ambitious program of academic exchanges that assists in fostering its students’ academic performances, elevating its faculty’s research capacities, and transferring its academic and research experiences to the partners.

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